Shooting in cyprus

Please note this article/visit  was written prior to the Brexit conclusion 

Reason for our visit

The purpose for our visit was to obtain contacts and friends to assist the students of Guns and Clays to confidently travel  abroad with their Guns and enjoy the fantastic shooting grounds across Europe. Many visitors to Cyprus try clay pigeon shooting as part of their holiday and wish to continue on their return to the UK, we at Guns and Clays wanted to create good impression so that we would be recommended by the the Cypriot Shooting Grounds. We would like to thank EasyJet, Luton Airport Customs officials, Cypriot Police and the Cypriot Customs for helping us travel with ease. 

Taking your Shotguns and other facts re cartridges, gun & Cyprus General

It is straightforward, I had to email my licensing authority and request a European Firearms pass, all authorities will have a similar procedure, contact your own for details.
Guns have to be in an airline approved case ours was £100.
Check them in to the airline desk we used Easy-jet and have to book them in when booking the airline tickets. £75 per gun on Easy-jet 2 Max 

You can take cartridges, but not many and the weight vs cost is prohibitive, they are readily available across the island

Semi- Autos are illegal in Cyprus DO NOT TAKE THEM

20 Bore Cartridges are harder to get however, the Beretta Club had them and also the shop recommended below (28g 20 g were near on impossible to find).


Our household insurance with the NFU covered the guns for loss or damage.
Medical insurance for 1 year even with health conditions was £55
CPSA Membership seemed to cover us for Public Liability (you should check)

Traveling Around Cyprus

As Cyprus roads and cars are the same as us we highly recommend you hire a car the cost is approx 15€ per day. We chose to use taxis and spent 500€ over the week, however if you chose to use a taxi the firm below were very good.

Facts You may not know about Cyprus

In Cyprus driving is on the same side as the UK, and the signs are in English and Cypriot. The traffic signs are the same as ours.
Plugs and Voltage are the same as UK

English people are everywhere on the island and all the shops, hotels and gun clubs spoke excellent English. 

Clubs / Links

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More Pictures and Videos

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Situated just outside Limassol (20 mins) this club was truly lovely with 3 Olympic Skeet layouts, 3 Compac, 2 DTL, and 6 Sporting which can be shot as sporting and or Compac. The owners were relatively new, and very welcoming with excellent plans for improvement on an already great shooting ground. The club house is lovely, toilets clean and a little cafe serving drinks and food. If you are intending to shoot sporting a car is recommended as these stands stretch over 2km. English language superb.

It would be nice to have a map of the grounds, and a bit more signage as the the grounds are vast.

Shooting Safty 4/5 (Guns and Clays Opinion) 

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Unfortunately we did not have much time at this ground, however we were made welcome but the English Language was a barrier with some of the staff. If you visit, find the manager he speaks good English. Lots of different layouts sporting, DTL and Olympic skeet. There was also a large competition on and more in the following week so things weren’t as organised as normal.

A map and more signage would also be very useful.

Shooting Safety 4/5 (Guns and Clays Opinion) 

Beretta is and is truly stunning club with some of the most rewarding and challenging sporting stands it consists of 1 Olympic skeet, 2 Compak layout and a number of sporting stands, unfortunately there were times where we felt it did not meet the standards of the CPSA and would have loved to help make improvements. Also incorporates a small hotel and a pool. The manager had a family wedding to attend, he was very helpful and kind both on the phone and in person. 20 bore cartridges were available here as the manager also owns 2 gun shops on the island. Call before you attend to check he has some at the club as he is more than happy to ensure there are what ever you need at the club.

Maps and signage would again be useful.

Shooting Safety 2/5 (Guns and Clays Opinion)

Recommended Organisations

I could not recommend this hotel highly enough.  Clean and tidy great food, lovely staff, pool, safes in all rooms. A 3 minute walk to the beach, Just fantastic. Find the Chef he is a great chap.

Rigas Taxi

Although we recommend you hire a car if you need or have decided to use a taxi we highly recommend Rigas ( Country code ) 25591444 or 25587744. Picture to the right shows the owner of Rigas button pushing for us as he wanted to watch (No charge) 

Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience in Cambridgeshire

Based in Limassol less than 2 min drive from Park Beach Hotel excellent range of cartridges. This is a sporting goods shop and they also stock  a wide range of all outdoor hunting goods.

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