Clay Pigen Shooting Tuition in Bedfordshire

Clay Pigeon Shooting Tips for Beginners

Since it is has become an interest to many, it has also given birth to a new hobby, taking clay pigeon shooting lessons with exceptional facilities. We ensure your clay pigeon shooting goals are met and enjoyed. So, let us get you started on the road to becoming an expert shooter.

5 Ways How Clay Pigeon Shooting Can Help Your Health

Outdoor sports or recreational activities such as clay pigeon shooting are beneficial to your mental and physical health. Clay pigeon shooting experience gives you satisfaction through the adrenaline rush. Many health benefits are associated with clay pigeon shooting. Like many sports, clay pigeon shooting helps you build muscles and improve your mental health. You may be unaware of the benefits a clay pigeon shooting experience can provide you with. Here… Read More »5 Ways How Clay Pigeon Shooting Can Help Your Health

All You Need to Know About Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you’re adventurous but want to try something that isn’t too far, you could try your hand at clay pigeon shooting. You can always go to Guns and Clay, which is a CPSA registered clay pigeon shooting school that offers lessons, tuition, and exceptional experiences.