Explore Clay Pigeon Shooting in Bedfordshire

If you want to try a Clay Pigeon shooting experience, you can find the best clay shooting in Bedfordshire in Guns and Clays. We are registered by the CPSA, and we have a team of qualified and trained professionals who can guide you step by step.

We at Guns and Clays believe in your safety, and we provide personal protection equipment, as well as clay pigeon shooting tuition in Bedfordshire. We have a team of expert trainers that will take you through the process step-by-step. We also offer “Have-a-go” sessions through which you can decide if clay pigeon shooting in Bedfordshire is something you want to do. All you have to do is sign up online and come! We’re pretty sure that after your first session you will realize how easy and fun it is and you would want to continue practice shooting.

Does Clay shooting have Health Benefits?

Clay pigeon shooting can positively help your mental and physical health. You can strengthen your muscles while holding the gun as well as learn to be an expert on balance. Your shoulder, arm, and hands learn to have a firmer grip through holding the shotgun. You can also polish your concentration and focus skills.


The Best Shooting Range in Bedfordshire


Guns and Clays offer the best shooting range for clay pigeon shooting in Bedfordshire. You can get tuition and training from professionals. We, at Guns and Clays, are here to teach you through a step by step guide if you’re new to Clay Pigeon Shooting. Clay Pigeon shooting in Bedfordshire is known as an addictive sport and you will feel a positive difference within yourself after all the adrenaline rush that you can get while shooting pigeons. Clay pigeon shooting also helps you build your confidence and self-esteem.

Guns and Clays also offers you gift vouchers that you can gift your loved ones or redeem yourself. Having extensive experience in conducting Clay Pigeon Shooting and Training sessions, we at Guns and Clays have the best safety measures in place and our trainers help you select a gun that suits your body structure best. We use a spring-loaded device that releases the targets that you can aim and shoot at. The ability to lock and correctly hit your target will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.